Centre of interpretation and reception for visitors at La Antigua Chapel
Zumarraga. Gipuzkoa Competition

Centre of interpretation

Surface area
1.500 m2

Zumárraga City Hall

K6-Cultural Management

The project aims to merge (Loturak) the new construction with the existing mountainside, constructing part of its surface underground, in order to ensure that the impact of the construction is minimal. With this fusion of architecture and the countryside, the objective is to adapt the construction to the Chapel itself and its surroundings using the maximum simplicity, humility and respect.

A central empty space, in the shape of a cross, adds important symbolism to the design. The resulting visual cones from the centre of the cross, towards the Chapel on one side, and towards Zumárraga on the other, assume a significant importance and presence, creating a rich scenic backdrop.

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